Monday, August 30, 2010

Dislike Water for chocolate

So, I have been doing a lot of driving since I returned home. In the last month I have traveled to my fathers which is 5 hours north (one way) then I have to go another hour and a half (one way) to pick my kids up for the weekend. Then I drove down to Indiana to visit my Aunt and Uncle. Oh yeah 3 hours (one way). Needless to say I have had a lot of time in my own head. It’s a scary place in there. I wonder about some things like who created YOO HOO? I mean what is up with that? Some dude ran out of milk and said oh well lets mix chocolate syrup with water. Then this genius thinks this actually tastes good enough to market…I mean have you ever tasted that stuff? Then you would expect the business man to throw him out of the office and call him a retard or something else colorful. But NOOO this guy looks at the inventor and says by god I think you have something here. I am only 33 years old and I am sure my parents generation remember YOO HOO. It has been around quite a while this shit has been around since 1926. Which tells me that it was created around the great depression. Not after the depression started either. So there really isn't any excuse for this vile substance. Okay, after the depression they had to make due I get that. But, why the hell is it still here? I remember hanging out at a convenience store in Chicago when I was kid this guy we all called Uncle George was related to my step father and we would go there so Gary (step Dad) would help him with the books. So to keep me busy they would give me YOO HOO and some candy and I could sit in the back watching Star Wars on WGN in the middle of the day on Sunday. Wow I can’t believe I remember all of that. Anyways I remember taking a drink and having a perplexed look on my face. Now I was around 5 or 6 or something so I am sure my thoughts were more innocent. But I can imagine based on my memory that my thoughts went kind of like this- What the fuck is this shit? Is that chocolate water? Where is the milk? Where is the bunny? This sucks. As you can guess I don’t partake in Crazy YOO HOO parties on weekends. So, since we are going through an economic crisis I think someone should create something as stupid as YOO HOO as an homage to a difficult time. I like the idea of a watered down tiramisu drink. We can call it TIRA MOO. So people think oh it’s got milk but HA HA the joke is on them.

Music Reflects Life

I could sit here and air out all my dirty laundry but anyone who knows me well knows what is going on in my life and they will attest to the shitty tough time that I have been faced with. But, alas music has been my friend through all these tough times. Also, there are songs that I refuse to listen to because of the same situation. My monster likes the upbeat top 40 songs. I can enjoy them as well. But there is this song called Ayo. I refuse to listen to one note of that song. She enjoys it so much and I do not want to think of her enjoying anything. I mean she is the monster after all. Would you want your boogey man under bed to enjoy rocking out to Springsteen? I don't think so.
I have found solace in Eminem, especially the song 25 to life. Usually when I feel angry because the monster in my life is determined to make my life a living hell. Then recently I have stumbled upon a band called Mumford and sons. These guys tell it like it is but with out all the anger. Anyone who understands the different stages of loss or grief can understand that the different styles of music can really reflect what you are feeling at a particular time. I never understood how people can mindlessly listen to whatever is on the radio. I almost wonder if they are even self aware enough. Anyways. It's still warm in hell and I am still deployed in it. So until the next time pick a song and really listen to it and may you find substance out of it. -MER-

Anyone want to help me come up with a name for the monster? I am kind of leaning towards Bitchzilla but it's just not enough.